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ISBN 0-921215-68-1 Bread of the Birds (fiction) paper: 16.95
ISBN 0-921215-69-X hardcover: 35.95
published 1993 120 pages

At the heart of each story in Bread of the Birds desire and death are catalysts for the mystery of transformation. The stories are imbued with an atmosphere of the supernatural – with magic and myth.

ISBN 0-921215-51-7 The Conqueror’s Night (poetry) 10.00

ISBN 1-896860-64-8 Rue St. Denis (fiction) 17.95
published 2001 124 pages

Rue St. Denis spins yarns of the grotesque and the sublime, centred on a city street in Montreal. The curious are drawn into a gothic world of wonder and despair where daydream wishes and nightmare desires are turned into reality.