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ISBN 9781-177171-388-7 In Praise of Small Mistakes (poetry) 23.95
published 2020 90 pages

We learn from our mistakes more often than from our success. The title poem sets the stage for an unlikely and engaging examination of the minor and major events of a life. The events are perhaps down to earth but Choyce comes at them from curious angles and presents his own singular interpretation of what the world offers up to an engaging mind

ISBN 9781-177171-243-9 Climbing Knocknarea (poetry) 23.95
published 2017 95 pages

Climbing Knocknarea is Lesley Choyce’s 92nd book. Included are poems about wonder and loss, simplicity and transcendence, grief and joy, history and imagination, hurt and happiness as well as the multitude of ordinary everyday things that shape our lives.

ISBN 9781-177171-063-3 Beautiful Sadness (poetry) 23.95
published 2014 90 pages

In this hauntingly lyrical and always surprising collection of poetry, Lesley Choyce offers his unique observations of life in all its wonders. Along the way, the poet falls into a well, encounters a dead seal, eavesdrops on university students, drives to the English Channel, hangs up laundry, makes lasagna and has an epiphany while mailing a letter on a snowy day.

ISBN 978-1-897430-21-7 The Discipline of Ice (poetry) 19.95
published 2008 100 pages

The Discipline of Ice is an experiment of thought and word bursting with enthusiasm, devotion and despair. Part rant, part ode, part mirage.

ISBN 1-894800-43-5 Revenge of the Optimist (poetry) 18.95
published 2004 96 pages

Lesley Choyce’s poetry is transcendental, joyful and at times ecstatic, though rooted securely in the world. The new poems in Revenge of the Optimist are charged with a kind of soulful music and are distinguished by wide tonal flavours and range.

ISBN 1-896860-72-9 Caution to the Wind (poetry) 14.95
published 2000 76 pages

In Caution to the Wind the poet explores the nature of memory, places encountered while travelling and life at home. These engaging poems offer portraits of a soul contemplating the tenuous bonds of fear and hope that are shared between us and tie us to the world.

ISBN 1-896860-30-3 Beautiful Sadness (poetry) 12.95
published 1998 82 pages

In Beautiful Sadness laughter often simmers under a rueful – or strangely joyful – melancholy tone. These poems are the songs you might sing on street corners if, reaching beyond the troubles of daily life, you discover the resiliency of the spirit.