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ISBN 1-896860-60-5 Between the Meridians (travel) 17.95
published 1999 248 pages

Between the Meridians is an eclectic mixture of fugitive travel pieces and essays whose basic theme is an exploration of character and culture. Tied together by Christy’s ironic observations on human frailty and traditional histories, the adventures read like those of a hip Indiana Jones.

ISBN 978-1-77171-073-2 The Big Thirst (poetry) 23.95
published 2014 78 pages

The poetry in this collection covers plenty of ground: to the ends of the earth and back again. The poems range from righteous honkytonk to religious mysticism. It's like Hank Williams is in the backseat of the Caddy converible picking out a tune while Francois Villon offers him lyrics. Christy can soften you up with a joke and a kind word then the dog bites and the knife slips in.

ISBN 1-896860-94-X Cavatinas for Long Nights (poetry) 14.95
published 2001 120 pages

These short songs for long nights are the jazz riffs of a global wanderer. The poems are incantations to shattered memories and a dream of romance that is sometimes faded, sometimes bright.

ISBN 978-1-897430-82-8 Jackpots (stories) 24.95
published 2012 186 pages

“Things sure do happen to you,” says an aunt to little six-year-old Jimmy Christinzio, after a Hollywood cowboy tried to shoot him with real bullets. Little Jimmy grew up to be writer and raconteur Jim Christy, who has rambled the planet meeting royalty and rounders and everything in between. In Jackpots he collects fragments from the pages of an extraordinary life, sketching the memorable characters and remarkable adventures that destiny threw his way.

ISBN 1-896860-36-2 Junkman and Other Stories (fiction) 16.95
published 1998 226 pages

Junkman and Other Stories brings into razorsharp focus life lived on the edge. The stories are filled with sex and death, love and hate, the desperate dreams and transparent hopes of lowlifes, riffraff and rogues.

ISBN 1978-1-897430-20-0 Nine O'Clock Gun (fiction) 22.95
published 2008 156 pages

In Nine O’Clock Gun, the fourth and final novel of his Gene Castle, hard-boiled Private Eye series, Castle’s back in his room at the faded Rose Hotel, back at his table at Ramona’s Cafe, but the woman in his life has taken her seamed silk stockings and walked. Vancouver is as dangerous as ever, though, and Castle’s just the man to solve the string of murders striking a little too close to home.

ISBN 1-896860-86-9 Princess and Gore (fiction) 18.95
published 2000 186 pages

In 1939 the depression is lifting and war is threatening in Europe. Private Eye Gene Castle is back in Vancouver and there’s even a client in his office. The case seems easy enough for a cynic and seasoned gumshoe like Castle – until people start dying.

ISBN 1-894800-48-6 The Redemption of Anna Dupree (fiction) 21.95
published 2005 200 pages

An aging, wicked-tongued actress finds new life through the friendship of a young man employed in the retirement home where she resides. He helps her escape, and they embark on a road trip to Mexico, where the elderly actress revives and the young man finds himself opening up in unexpected ways.

ISBN 1-896860-10-9 Shanghai Alley (fiction) 16.95
published 1997 200 pages

Vancouver, Chinatown, 1936. While the bread lines get longer and the whole world goes crazy, wise-cracking gumshoe Gene Castle has his own worries. In Shanghai Alley, while on the trail of missing union funds, he goes fist to fist with corrupt cops, sleazy politicians and ruthless gangsters.

ISBN 1-896860-02-8 The Sunnyside of the Deathhouse (poetry ) 12.95
published 1996 72 pages

The Sunnyside of the Deathhouse takes the reader around the world and to the bar down the street, visiting all sorts of mostly down-and-out characters along the way. The music playing in the background might be the Dubrovnik Philharmonic or a dumpster sextet, but usually it’s jazz.

ISBN 1-894800-08-7 Terminal Avenue (fiction) 19.95
published 2002 200 pages

The war is in full swing and private eye Gene Castle is back on the wet streets of Vancouver. In this third installment of the Vancouver Trilogy Castle has to evade Nazis, a freakishly strong woman and the usual corrupt cops to find the kidnapped daughter of a friend who is involved in the resistance.