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ISBN 978-1-77171-281-1 Shared Motion: Science and Spritiuality (poetry) 23.95
published 2018 68 pages

The poems in Shared Motion: Science and Spirituality will resonate especially with the growing number who identify as “spiritual but not religious”, as well as those studying the dynamic fields of quantum physics and cosmology, in their attempt to deepen their understanding of these evolving mysteries.

ISBN 978-1-77171-029-9 Ragged Light (poetry) 24.95
published 2014 136 pages

From the edges of the universe to the essential spark of being, Dvora Levin’s Ragged Light tracks human experience with penetrating insight and a wry wit. The poetry celebrates the raggedness of existence, reflecting the frayed quality of the refracted light by which we perceive life.

ISBN 978-1-897430-17-0 Sharav (poetry) 17.95
published 2008 80 pages

In her first full book, Levin ponders the paradox of Jerusalem: the place of peace and ancient wisdom, seldom free of war and folly. From the rooftops of Zion to the depths of the praying heart at the Western Wall, the wind and sand of Sharav entices the spirit and engages the mind.

ISBN 978-1-897430-16-3 To Bite the Blue Apple (poetry) 15.00
published 2008 36 pages

From the shock of diagnosis to an awakened awareness of life's meaning and joy through the journey of a health crisis, Dvora Levin’s To Bite the Blue Apple documents a poet’s experience of cancer with humour, pathos and depth.

Dvora Levin (editor)

ISBN 978-1-897430-80-4 Voices from the Edge (poetry anthology) 20.00
published 2011 36 pages

These are poems from unheard voices, tough words that arise from hope and sorrow, anger and love. They come from the side of the street where light rarely reaches. Listen! The poems were written with tears. Read them with joy.
~ Parick Lane.