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ISBN 0-9691289-4-0 line-poem drawings (art) 50.00
published 1983 48 pages

Published in a limited edition of 100 copies, line-poem drawings features the art of Keith McKellar, also known as Laughing Hand. The brilliant drawings show scenes of urban life – the crowded streets, parks and cafés that together make up the sum of our sometimes busy, sometimes leisurely West Coast days.

ISBN 1-896860-92-3 Neon Eulogy (history & art) 21.95
published 2001 158 pages

In Neon Eulogy street artist Laughing Hand sketches a disappearing landscape of cafés, theatres and streets, documenting a neglected heritage of neon landmarks – most now lost. McKellar’s detailed line drawings are accompanied by a wonderful anecdotal history of the rise and fall of each unique establishment.