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ISBN 0-921215-17-7 Apotheosis (poetry) 10.00
published 1985 68 pages

The poems of Apotheosis are about bodily lust defined by moonlight and mirrored in the stars. They are the lyrics of a solitary man forced into Being through love.

ISBN 978-1-897430-85-9 Blood of the Moon: 30th Anniversary Edition (poetry) 22.95
published 2012 126 pages

The poems of Blood of the Moon delve into the mythology of desire. These erotic hymns explore the concerns of the heart and the flesh in a voice shaped by moonlight. Originally published in 1982, Blood of the Moon is the first book published by Ekstasis Editions, now re-published in a special 30th anniversary edition featuring an Introduction by poet Carolyn Zonailo and an Afterword by the author.

ISBN 1-896860-12-5 Cloud on My Tongue (poetry) 12.95
published 1998 64 pages

Metaphysical, romantic and surreal, the poems of Cloud on My Tongue are fragrant with fresh awareness and deep insight. In language both supple and strong the poet conveys the inner essence of human and natural experience.

ISBN 0-921215-07-X In Arbutus Light (poetry) 7.95
published 1990 36 pages

In a West Coast Native myth it is the roots of the Arbutus that hold the Earth together. Richard Olafson lived at Breezy Bay on Saturna Island while he wrote these poems in praise of solitude, in celebration of the light that emanates from all Being.

ISBN 978-1-897430-02-6 Island in the Light (poetry) 24.95
published 2012 168 pages

Poet Richard Olafson celebrates the mystical experience of the Pacific Coast’s Gulf Islands in his latest collection, Island in the Light. Drawn from a series of chapbooks of writing from a period of residency on the small island called Saturna, Island in the Light brings together Olafson’s lyric celebration of coastal nature in a stirring, sensual volume.

ISBN 0-9691289-8-3 The Name of Being (poetry) 6.95
published 1986 14 pages

As implied by the title, in The Name of Being Richard Olafson takes on Heidegger’s challenge to poets: the task of naming Being. The five poems are hymns of praise to that light of absence that in the purest moments illuminates and nourishes the soul.

ISBN 0-921215-05-3 The Ocean and My Body are One. My Body is the Ocean. (poetry) 12.95
published 1997 64 pages

This volume celebrates the sensual fertility and dream-like landscape of the Gulf Islands located off the coast of British Columbia. The poet struggles with the meaning of the personal in the context of the elemental forces and natural beauty that surround and inspire him.

ISBN 0-921215-36-3 Pearls (poetry) 5.95
published 1990 30 pages

Pearls is small book filled with phrases to ponder, literary pearls that when spoken aloud lead to illuminations in the heart.

ISBN 0-921215-35-5 Radar (poetry) 5.95
published 1990 52 pages

The solitary words of Radar resonate in the mind and play off each other to form a web of associations that tenuously brings to light the absent world of Being.

ISBN 1-894800-18-4 There Are Some Men So Unlucky They Don’t Even Have Bodies (poetry) 14.95
published 2002 72 pages

There Are Some Men So Unlucky… offers poems that linger in the consciousness. The voice resonants and engages despite the subtle complexities of the subject matter, which includes metaphysics, love, nature and poetry itself.