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ISBN 978-1-897430-88-0 Elephants' Graveyard (fiction) 24.95
published 2012 142 pages

On a Spanish-scented island, a languorous tango unfolds. People come and go, fortunes rise and fall like waves of the sea, men and women change partners — but the dance goes on. Although peopled with a colourful cast of characters, to one solitary observer this island paradise is a place where old elephants come to die. Hélène Rioux tells the exuberant tales of an ex-pat community.

ISBN 978-1-77171-011-7 The Mirrors of Éléonore (fiction) 24.95
published 2013 124 pages

A woman. No, six women. In a room filled with mirrors. No, in a bar filled with mirrors. The bar of the Melinda Hotel. In Vancouver, in Montreal, in the Magdalen Islands, in Torreblanca. Six facets of a woman passing through, a woman who is free.

ISBN 1894800-76-1 Room With Bath (fiction) 21.95
published 2006 182 pages

Living comfortably in Montreal with the handsome, but inaccessible, Philippe, Eléonore is unable to sustain the facade of outward happiness. Putting career and relationship behind her, she rents a modest 'room with bath’ in a run-down neighbourhood, to reinvent herself and write. As she writes of her life, repressed memories return, until Eléonore comes to terms with the pain of the past.