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ISBN 1-896860-66-4 Alien States (poetry) 12.95
published 1999 116 pages

Alien States explores a humanity anxious on the brink of a new millennium. Ambitious and evocative, the poems sift mythology and history to find hints of a new consciousness for a new world.

ISBN 1-894800-29-X Another Way (poetry) 14.95
published 2003 120 pages

This collection of poems exhibitng a maturity of subject and style explores the nature of change in a search for new possibilities. Images of a dark “occupation” of the mind in the earlier poems give way to a more hopeful quest at the close.

ISBN 0-921215-91-6 Troubled Dreams (poetry) 12.95
published 1995 96 pages

Troubled Dreams is concerned with the cruelties and moments of despair that all human beings endure. Against these darker moments the poems find value in faith, stoicism and patience: they find that endurance and love can heal the heart.