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ISBN 978-1-897430-54-5 The Jagged Years of Ruthie J. (memoir) 24.95
published 2010 216 pages

Against her wishes, Ruthie’s family admits her to a posh Maryland mental hospital, Chestnut Lodge, of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden notoriety. She is put in the care of a sadistic psychiatrist who threatens to have her committed for life. But through the friendship and love of her fellow patients and the subsequent help of a remarkable therapist, Ruthie J. frees herself, discovers her true sexual orientation and perseveres in her dream to become a physician.

ISBN 978-1-77171-127-2 What Makes You Happy (fiction) 25.95
published 2015 138 pages

What Makes You Happy is a diverse collection of tales – some drawn from life, others pure fiction – told by the inimitable Ruth Simkin. Short stories of engaging originality mingle with reports of travel to far kingdoms or hell and back, along with humourously poignant accounts from the author's career as a physician.