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ISBN 1-896860-67-2 Carousel: Poems and Pictures (poetry) 12.95
published 1999 80 pages

Carousel contains joyous poems and wiggly sketches by a poet known for his wit and thoughtfulness. The poems get down in the dirt with slugs and fly with Icarus toward the sun, but find in both slug slime and immolation a glimpse of the everlasting.

ISBN 978-1-897430-84-2 Collage (poetry) 21.95
published 2012 95 pages

George Whipple’s new poems dance and move upon the waters of the mind, even as they celebrate the mystery and flow of life. Collage, Whipple’s 14th book, muses on mortality, beauty, childhood, growing up and the continuity of life, delighting in each moment and each breath we take as the poems move from the world of innocence to the world of experience.

ISBN 1-894800-30-3 Fanfares (poetry) 15.95
published 2003 72 pages

Praised by Margaret Avison and John Robert Columbo, George Whipple is a poet's poet. These poems combine literary freedom within a matrix of restraint where the new and traditional, the sacred and profane, the universal and the local join in expressions of graphic joy and lyric praise.

ISBN 1-896860-01-X Hats Off to the Sun (poetry) 12.95
published 1996 88 pages

Hats Off to the Sun celebrates the mysteries of daily life with poems of well-being, poems of love, poems of praise and poems of prayer. Polished and multi-faceted, the poems sparkle with the joy of existence.

ISBN 978-1-897430-09-5 Kites (poetry) 18.95
published 2007 88 pages

Kites features playful poems and drawings by the author. Though tethered to everyday realities, they reach for something other.

ISBN 978-1-897430-61-3 The Seven Wonders of the Leg (poetry) 21.95
published 2010 96 pages

George Whipple has been called ‘a poet’s poet’ and his most recent volume reveals the truth of this statement. Now in his eighties, Whipple casts an observant eye on life, love, memory and mortality in poems that startle with both lyricism and wry economy. Divided into seven sections, this thirteenth published book of poems from Vancouver’s George Whipple, celebrates the poet’s devotion to craft while mining the human dimensions of being for spiritual essence.