Submission Guidelines

Cherubim Books is especially interested in poetry for children and adolescents, but will consider creative work in all genres. When submitting keep these things in mind:

  • include a short cover letter containing any biographical details which might be relevent.
  • 20 to 30 page samples are usually fine for larger works. Provide a synopsis of the remaining manuscript, and a page count. We will ask to see the whole work if we are interested.
  • never send original or one-of-a-kind material. Copies only, please.
  • most publishers use in-house illustrators, or artists otherwise known to the publisher, when publishing picture books, but if you would like your own illustration work considered, send a sample image copy with your manuscript.
  • we encourage multiple submissions. If someone else accepts your manuscript for publication while we are reviewing it, let us know.
  • like many small publishers, we at Cherubim Books are understaffed and overworked. If we take too long with your manuscript send us a note and we will try to hurry things along.

Submissions to Cherubim Books can be mailed to:

Cherubim Books
Box 8474 Main Postal Outlet
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 3S1