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Launch Release Nov 22, 2006

Call for Submissions "The Art of the Book" exhibition

The Art of the Book Exhibition to include conceptual and installation art, Dec 13,2006

Robert Wiersema to participate in PFB, Jan 20,2007


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Workshops - Hands On : Saturday March 24th,
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Self-Publishing Workshops
TraffordJoin Sarah Campbell of Trafford Publishing as she discusses the evolution of self-publishing and theprocess of publishing on-demand. Trafford has been a decisive presence in the industry of on-demand publishing since 1995. For 12 years, new and veteran authors have used Trafford as a vehicle to share their voices. The company has earned an international reputation for excellence, partnering with over 10 000 authors originating from 120 countries around the world. Trafford’s books are internationally distributed through major retailers in paperback, hardcover, and e-book editions. We're proud to have helped more than 250 local authors self-publish.  Session Time: 12:30-1:30pm Top

Printorium Bookworks

Printorium Bookworks is a division of Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Established over 95 years ago in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

This unique division allows self published authors and publishers to Print Books on Demand, including soft & hard covered black & white and full colour books.

Printorium Bookworks produces the exact quantity of books, from a single copy to thousands when you want; no guesswork, no warehousing and no waste. Using the latest in digital print equipment and skill, our high-quality printing of text pages and covers, combined with professional perfect binding and optional laminated covers, makes books produced by Printorium almost indistinguishable from offset-printed books. As well as offering a solution for black & white books, we produce full-colour picture books, children's books, art books, cook books, comic books and graphic novels.

Printorium Bookworks also offers publishing services for cover and interior design, ISBN barcodes, book promotional printing (bookmarks, posters, sell sheets) and complete shipping fulfillment. 
Session Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Claire Paulette Turcotte: " Drawing the Words Out: Re-animating our natural connection to words."

Claire Paulette TurcotteIn a sensuous connection to mediums we will follow the body’s map to a landscape of language. Listening with the senses engaged, we will attend to the art of words, text as image, the touch and forms of the raw materials—the charcoal/crayons and the movement of charcoal on paper as we come into touch with the physicality of writing. In this mini workshop we will attend to the basic call to write and the creative process inherent in the art of writing—words drawn out. Materials included.

weblink: The Centre for Dream Research and Imaginal Studies .

Session Time: 11:30am-12:30pm.

Writers Workshop - Rob Hicks of the Victoria
School of Writing

Rob Hicks
Robert James Hicks has an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he was a
teaching-writing fellow. An enthusiastic instructor, he tries to demystify good writing
by stressing close reading and sharing concrete tips and tools. He is working on a
short story collection and was published in the 60th anniversary contest issue
of The Fiddlehead

Where I’m Calling From: Using Point of View in Fiction

Explore point of view in a one-hour, hands-on workshop. Move beyond choosing a point of view to using that point of view to advance character, setting, plot and more. Expect to review brief excerpts of published work, write in response to prompts, and engage in discussion. This workshop is sponsored by the Victoria School of Writing and is for fiction writers at all levels. For more info  about VSW please visit their website.

Session Time: 5:00-6:00pm


Canadian Bookbinders and Artists Guild - DEMO

CBBAGThe Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) was formed in 1983 to promote greater awareness of the book arts, to provide access to education and advocate high standards. CBBAG organizes exhibitions, workshops and lectures, and produces publications relating to book arts and the history of books. A local chapter of CBBAG called CBBAG BC Islands was recently organized to provide a way for bookbinders and those interested in the book arts on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands to connect.

Session Time: 11:30am-12:30pm (Lobby)

Ground Zero Printmakers - Japanese Books DEMO

Jacquelyn NelsonJacquelyn Nelson is a member of Ground Zero Printmakers Studio.  She has adapted traditional Japanese book binding techniques for making customized books, such as guest books and personalized photograph albums.  She will give a demonstration of some of these techniques, which can be adapted by novice book makers for a creating their own books for a wide
variety of purposes, including showcasing art, photographs, or poetry.


Session Time: 2:30-3:30pm (Lobby)

Media Net Presents Megan Cole - Web 2.0 -The online community

Megan Cole pic1Want to be demystified about web marketing? Megan Cole, a designer and writer who also co-produces and hosts an online video podcast promoting Canadian independent music, This City Rocks is just the creative person for this session.

"Marketing with film and video online can be a powerful and useful way to promote yourself, your work and learn and share with others in your industry. The web today is no longer about static sites. It's a culture: user-generated content, the fresh experience and connecting, based on principals of freedom. Web 2.0 is a phrase that encompasses everything that allows people to collaborate and share information online: user-generated content, online communities, social networks, social softwares, blogging, podcasting, videoblogging. There are many communication tools that can be useful in increasing a web presence and growing your online community." Come and find out what she's talking about
Session Time:11:30-12:30pm

For more info on Megan Cole: http://megancole.org


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