Name School Age Title Type Geo
  ACT I - RUNNING ORDER          
1 Hayley-Rose Tubman-Broeren Self Design 14 The Madness of my Brother Poetry Victoria
2 Sheena Polman Sidney Elementary 10 Diary of a Cat Fiction Victoria
3 Alex Dombroski Sidney Elementary 10 ABC's of Limerics Poetry Victoria
4 Ivy Elling Quaintance  Sidney Elementary 10 The House that Will Never Die Fiction Victoria
5 Laura Brougham Dunsmuir Middle School 13 My Grade Four Mishap CNF Victoria
6 Holly Elling Quaintance Sidney Elementary 10 Hit me with a Kiss Poetry Victoria
7 Thomas Endicott Burnaby Mountain 13 Soldiers Poetry Burnaby
8 Thomas Endicott Burnaby Mountain 13 Submit to Death Poetry Burnaby
9 Madison Carnegie Home School 8 Nico Fiction Victoria
10 Seana Marcellus Dunsmuir Middle School 13 Felinus and Caninus Fiction Victoria
11 Paris Carnegie Home School 10 Crista: A story of love and friendship Fiction Victoria
12 Danika Postle Willows 10 Morning Star Poetry Victoria
13 Jasmin Brown    Mt. Doug 14 Star Bright Fiction Victoria
14 Holly Elling Quaintance Sidney Elementary 10 Poetry Poetry Victoria
15 Thomas Endicott Burnaby Mountain 13 Won Fiction Burnaby
16 Hayley-Rose Tubman-Broeren Self Design 14 In the End Fiction Victoria
17 Karine Hack Prospect Lake Elementary 10 The Art Studio Poetry Victoria
  Name School Age Title Type Geo
  ACT II - RUNNING ORDER          
18 Morgan Pudwell St. Michaels University School 17 Preserves Poetry Victoria
19 Amy Morrisey Reynolds 15 Away from Me Fiction Victoria
20 Morgan Pudwell SMUS-Timmis House 17 Letters from her Wheelchair Poetry Victoria
21 Jesse Short-Gershman Claremont Secondary 15 Hollow Bones Poetry Victoria
22 Kyle Dirkie Claremont Secondary 15 Memories Poetry Victoria
23 Jesse Gray Reynolds 17 Come Home Before Dark Fiction Victoria
24 Nick Karpan Claremont Secondary 16 Warchestra Poetry Victoria
25 Kelsey Mech Gulf Island Sec School 15 There is a Road Fiction Salt Spring Is.
26 Brianna Webb Claremont Secondary 16 Hell as we know it Poetry Victoria
27 Trey Taylor Mount Baker Secondary School 17 Esperanto: A Pathway to Utopia CNF Cranbrook
28 Cari Postnikoff Mount Baker Secondary School 17 An Unlamented Legacy Fiction Cranbrook
29 Caroline Johnson Williams Lake Secondary 17 The Tree   Williams Lk
30 Leanne Schrader Claremont Secondary 16 Fabrication Poetry Victoria
31 Scott Billias Vic High 18 Where I stand Poetry Victoria
32 Jessica Taillon Mount Baker Secondary School 17 Dress Code CNF Cranbrook
33 Colton Maier Claremont Secondary 16 When one goes missing Poetry Victoria
34 David Cutting Mount Baker Secondary School 17 Dreaming Fiction Cranbrook
35 Samantha Wilson Claremont Secondary 16 Like a cherry on top of a sundae Poetry Victoria
36 Amber Haggstrom Claremont Secondary 16 Sick Poetry Victoria
37 Victoria Masich Mount Baker Secondary School 16 Acceptance CNF Cranbrook
38 Darren Jones Claremont Secondary 15 Cookies and Milk Poetry Victoria
39 Ryan Heron Claremont Secondary 16 Carnivore Poetry Victoria
40 Dustin Batty Williams Lake Secondary 17 Bruce the Chicken*new file* Fiction Williams Lk
41 Emily Lewis St. Michaels University School 16 Gaurdian Poetry Victoria
42 Matthew Kordyback Gulf Island Sec School 17 Legacy of an Angel: Prologue Fiction Salt Spring Is.
43 Will Tanner Claremont Secondary 16 I love you Poetry Victoria
44 Emily Lewis St. Michaels University School 16 Guardian Poetry Victoria
45 Laura Nelles Claremont Secondary 16 His footsteps collect memories on the boardwalk Poetry Victoria
46 Tyler Bellagente Claremont Secondary 17 The Break up Fiction Victoria
47 Rachel Orfani  Claremont Secondary 15 Mirror Poetry Victoria
48 Rhianne Kovich Mount Baker Secondary School 16 A Single White Rose Fiction Cranbrook
49 Courtney Mahrt St. Michaels University School 17 Drive Fiction Victoria
50 Silken Conradi Gulf Island Sec School 15 Colours Fiction Salt Spring Is.
51 Sydney Ball Mount Baker Secondary School 17 Surrounded Poetry Cranbrook
52 Shawna Dash Claremont Secondary 16 Murmurs Poetry Victoria
53 Tristan Sealby Claremont Secondary 16 Scavenging Poetry Victoria
54 Ottilie Short St. Michaels University School 17 Waking Dead Fiction Victoria
55 Neetu Purewal Claremont Secondary 16 When Terror Strikes Poetry Victoria
56 Catriona Christison Claremont Secondary 16 The Spirit of Jazz Poetry Victoria


Come Home Before DarkThe Victoria Arts Connection, the host of the 2nd Annual Pacific Festival of the Book has finalized the youth writers who will be published by PFB Press in a new anthology of fifty six works entitled "Come Home Before Dark". The title of the anthology originates from work submitted by 17-year-old Jesse Gray, a student at Reynold's Secondary School in Victoria, BC.

The youth anthology publishing project was initiated by festival organizers in September and drew well over 100 submissions from students across the province including Cranbrook, Williams Lake, Vancouver and Victoria. Works were submitted in two age categories of under 15 years and 15 years and over in fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction.

The project has been coordinated by Mavis Andrews of the Victoria School of Writing and Carol Sokoloff of Ekstasis Editions. An impressive panel of 6 professional writers, editors and educators juried the work including Kirsten Andersen a Teen Services Librarian for the Greater Victoria Public Library, Laurel Bernard an editor and writer with 20 years' experience in books and newspapers, author Bev Cooke, educator Colleen Jodoin, author-educator Judy LeBlanc and author and children's literature advocate Nikki Tate.

Festival Angel Sponsor Island Blue Printorium Bookworks has generously supplied printing services for the project. Come Home Before Dark will be launched at the Pacific Festival of the Book on Sunday March 16th from 1-4pm as part of a group book launch event with authors Naomi Wakan, Ulla Ryghe, Rex Weyler and JoAnn Dionne. The public is invited to this free event to celebrate the launch of new books and encourage these aspiring youth in their path as professional authors.
Cover design by Amanda Maslany


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