The Pacific Festival of the Book celebrates the enduring value of the book as a central vessel for ideas and stories which reflect the currents of contemporary culture.

The Pacific Festival of the Book seeks to deepen awareness, experience and appreciation of the literary arts by embracing a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to artistic expression and creativity in the Pacific Region. The mission of The Pacific Festival of the Book is to:

1. Develop opportunities for established and emerging writers, artists and publishers to present, exhibit, promote, sell, network and receive critical audience and peer attention for their work.

2. Provide unique opportunities for audience participation and experience of new and existing art forms.

3. Establish a critical venue for the promotion and mentorship of youth writers.

4. To support partnerships and cross pollination between stakeholder organizations and groups involved in the literary and related creative arts.

5. To create a supportive environment for new ideas and cross cultural experiences.

6. To support and promote literacy at all levels.

Information about earlier festivals can be found here: 2007 2008 2009


The Well

City of Victoria

Community Ars Council of Greater Victoria

Greater Victoria Public Library