Richard Olafson Blood of the Moon
30th Anniversary Edition
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Originally published in 1982, Blood of the Moon is the first book published by Ekstasis Editions, now re-published in a special 30th anniversary edition featuring an Introduction by poet Carolyn Zonailo and an Afterword by the author. Blood of the Moon was the first of what was to be many books released by Ekstasis Editions over the course of three decades, books which include works on metaphysics, poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and translations, and it is published to celebrate this thirty year achievement. The poems of Blood of the Moon delve into the mythology of desire, erotic hymns exploring the concerns of the heart and the flesh in a voice shaped by moonlight. Exploding with youthful exuberance, at the heart of Blood of the Moon lies a fascination with the world – the visible and invisible spring of poetry from which we all drink.

What a beautiful poetic music Richard Olafson’s howling at the moon has engendered these past thirty years. What an amazing labour of love Olafson has performed by designing and being midwife to over 350 titles by Canadian poets. What an incredible cultural contribution Olafson has made to the landscape of Canadian poetry. We are all the richer for the poetic journey and the years of hard work and commitment to poetry on the part of Richard Olafson. His is the rare combination of mystic and practical, idealist and energetic doer of things in the world. Congratulations to Ekstasis Editions on its thirtieth year anniversary. I wish all the best for this reprinting of Olafson’s first poetry book, Blood of the Moon, as these poems once more make their way to the public.
~ from the Introduction by Carolyn Zonailo

Richard Olafson is an editor, poet, book designer and publisher. A long-time Victoria resident, he is active in many community organizations. Olafson has published a number of books and chapbooks, among them Blood of the Moon, Cloud on My Tongue, and There Are Some So Unlucky They Do Not Even Have Bodies. He attended the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in its second year of operation and was much influenced the following year by taking classes from Warren Tallman at UBC’s English Department. He is also the publisher of the Pacific Rim Review of Books. He lives in Victoria with his family.

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