Claudio Angelini

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A Pulitzer Prize-nominated author who resembles Norman Mailer is recruited to run for the mayoralty of New York. Coincidentally his wife who is half Arabic is mugged on the mean streets of the city and is so traumatized by the crime that she decides to return to her Islamic roots and don a ‘Chador,’ a head covering. The question becomes: can a man with an Islamic wife win the mayoralty of the city? When his main opponent is revealed to having been funded by a Saudi prince with terrorist ties, the race becomes more than a lark for the writer – and the stakes rise considerably higher.

Love can defeat every ideological dispute and every fundamentalist threat.
~ Velia Iacovino, Futuro Quotidiano

The play moves back and forth between a political drama and a trenchant comedy.
~ Glauco Maggi, Libero Quotidiano

Claudio Angelini was born in Italy where he has made a career as a writer and a journalist. His first collection of poems, Prima della fine, edited by Nobel Prize winner Salvatore Quasimodo, won an Italian award for the best first book. He has published many other books of poetry, novels and essays. His novel, Malato speciale, won the Bancarella Opera Prima Award. His novel, Il mistero di Simonetta (The Mystery of Simonetta), was published in America by Guernica Editions in 2007. Poesie a Manhattan (Manhattan Poems) won the Camaiore Award. Claudio Angelini has been living in New York, with his wife, for the past twenty years. There he became bureau chief of RAI-TV for America, director of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Currently, he is director of the New York Dante Alighieri Association and chairman of Poetry Capri Awards board. Claudio Angelini was the first journalist to broadcast the 9/11 terrorist attack for an Italian audience. Angelini also wrote the musical Obama in Naples, which has been staged in New York and in Washington, DC. My Wife in a Chador was first staged in New York by the Theater for the New City in November 2014.

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