Trevor Carolan

In Formless Circumstance

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“Trevor Carolan is a traveller whose eloquent voice reverberates as we journey with him through centuries, across continents and in the simple everyday moments which bind us. Bringing the sacred yet ordinary together, Carolan masters the beauty of words, his skill only outshone by his heart. Whether you are called to see the Book of Kells and the importance of holiness in an ordinary life; a Manchurian cornfield where everything and nothing has changed over thousands of years; or are stirred by the sound of an ambulance siren evoking the memory of one father’s passing by a son, image after image sticks with you. Carolan brings you across the world with him, while at the same time illuminating what you have in your own backyard.”
~ Bonnie Nish, Executive Director, Word Vancouver

“An honest poet–writes sparely, coherently and with great feeling”
~ Peter Trower, Coast Reporter

“Once in a very blue moon, some writing seems to pass straight into you and lay a hand on your heart. Return to Stillness is one of those books”
~ John Moore, The Vancouver Sun

“An homage to elders, teachers, Eros. Carolan blends Irish ancestry with Taoist-Buddhist traditions… and enters the Garden of Eden”
~ Susan Musgrave, BC Bookworld, on Celtic Highway

"Clean, clear poems out of the New World—Asia and western North America—they embrace large space and fine detail"
~ Gary Snyder, on Closing the Circle

Trevor Carolan has published nineteen books of poetry, non-fiction, translation, fiction and anthologies. He has also produced documentary films and held senior arts positions with the Olympic Games and Banff Centre. Co-editor of the award-winning edition Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World, and a former elected Councillor in North Vancouver, he holds a Ph.D. in International Relations and has advocated on behalf of Conservation issues and Indigenous land claims in B.C. He teaches at UFV near Vancouver. Find out more at:

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