Thomas Raphael Verny

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Beyond the uncertainty of the world’s inhumanity, lies the fragile possibility of wisdom and perhaps even faith. With a complexity of resonant personal and historical memories, Thomas Verny’s keen intellect challenges those who doubt the power of poetry to connect us to each other. 
~ Geoff Hancock, editor-in-chief, Canadian Fiction Magazine

Thomas Raphael Verny’s poems are unique in the way he colours his own earthly lyricism with sardonic wit and telling imagery. He has developed a mastery of both the very short verses and longer narrative poems that document individual lives and social milieus. I found myself deeply moved listening to Thomas at pubic readings, his voice both intimate and intense, sweet and menacing. His poems are full of surprises.
~ Mick Burrs, author of Variations on the Birth of Jacob

Thomas Verny’s Cordless is the work of a jester. This powerhouse of masks produces an effect that we have not read in many years. There is no learned rhetoric to dazzle the sleeping mind. There is none of that strange madness some of us share of investigating dimensions that lie beyond our stations. Black stays black in this poet’s words. In the hands of a less sly writer the jabs and jeering would grate the ears of many rulers and serfs. His call for conscienceness comes from a fearless thirst for not so much remembrance as much as the awareness that the torments of evil have been constant and are sadly unending.
~ Antonio D’Alfonso

Thomas Verny has published five books including the international best seller The Secret Life of the Unborn Child and 44 scientific papers. He has also edited two books: Pre and Perinatal Psychology: An Introduction and Gifts of Our Fathers, a collection of short stories and poetry. Thomas Verny is a psychiatrist and lives in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. This is his first full length collection of poems.

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