James Eke

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“...The next morning started like any other but finished quite differently...There are moments in life when you know you’re at a fork in the road –– you can turn either way but you can’t turn back...”

Falling Backwards is an appealing first novel by writer James Eke — a modern day quest to find what was lost, meaning in life. An eclectic mix of skid-row angels, philosophical junkies and wandering Buddhist monks inhabit this street parable, told in the first person. The narrator leaves all behind — relationship, job, lifestyle — to find himself on the streets of Vancouver’s Lower East Side. His re-creation of ‘self’ is chronicled with insight and humour in this outstanding first novel.

Ekstasis is proud to be publishing Falling Backwards as part of the first season of our new Riverrun series of innovative first novels and experimental fiction.

James Eke is a writer and journalist who has lived, and worked for numerous newspapers, around B.C. and Ontario. His journalism has appeared in publications including The Globe and Mail, Hamilton Spectator, B.C. Report and Westworld. He has black belts in two martial arts and divides his time between writing, teaching the martial arts and enjoying his family. He recently moved to Cobourg, Ontario where he is editing a local newspaper.

ISBN 1-896860-98-2
212 Pages
5 x 8
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