Elizabeth Cunningham

A Fragile Grace

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“A Fragile Grace is an impressive collection of poems that leaves no stone unturned. As an exploration of the natural landscape, it travels from the still winds above mountaintops to the roots beneath our feet, lingers where seasonal shifts create beautiful alchemy. Juxtaposing strength and vulnerability, it reflects on relationships past and present, on youth, aging, gracefully mapping the crescendos and diminuendos of both the human and natural world.”
~ Leesa Dean, writing instructor, Selkirk College, author of Waiting for the Cyclone

“Elizabeth writes with that rare gift of etching gritty and everyday truths in light. Laced with wonder and subtle irony, her poetry describes people facing into their mortality and aging, human life cradled by the natural world, and the close bonds forged as we discover together that we share the vulnerability of children and the fragility of aging.”
~ Lee Reid, author of Growing Home

“This pristine collection invokes a madrigal to wonder. The book finds its source of inspiration in family and in nature; they are rooted in keen observation of the daily perceptions of eye, ear and heart. Contemplate these poems from a place of natural quiet outside the rumble of city life. They are mirrored by subtle, haunting photographs ‘where life marries with the interminable.’ Together, they are incantations shimmering ‘to the resonance of the harmonic winds.’ They spread wings and fly, paeans to specifics of place, across the continent.”
~ Penn Kemp, poet, novelist, playwright, author of Re:Animating Animus

Born in Toronto, Elizabeth Cunningham moved to Eden Mills, near Guelph, with her three children and husband for a teaching position in the 90’s, Elizabeth volunteered for many years at the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival where eventually she read her own poetry after winning first prize in the literary competition at that event in 2015. This award encouraged her to keep working towards publishing this collection of poetry.Now residing in Nelson, B.C. with composer Doug Jamieson, her partner for over 40 years, Elizabeth spends her time exploring the mountains, playing with her grandchildren, writing, teaching, photography, music, and enjoying her practice as an Expressive Arts Therapist.

ISBN 978-1-77171-291-0
129 Pages
6 x 9
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