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Reflections on Inner Sufi Teachings is the third volume of the Reflections series of contemplations on Sufi teachings by Hidayat Inayat Khan. As in the earlier Reflections on the Art of Personality, the spiritual leader of the International Sufi Movement offers short meditations on the teachings of his father the Sufi mystic, Inayat Khan. Sufism is a universal wisdom philosophy honouring all religious traditions and concerned with the individual’s relationship to self, humanity and the divine nature.

Hidayat Inayat Khan is the author of Sufi Teachings: Lectures from Lake O’Hara, The Inner School, and Reflections on the Art of Personality and Reflections on Philosophy, Psychology and Mysticism, the earlier volumes of the current series. A composer and spiritual leader of the International Sufi Movement, founded by his father the Indian mystic and musician Inayat Khan, he has also released recordings of vocal and symphonic compositions, blending his Eastern and Western musical heritage. He lives in the Netherlands.


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