Yolande Villemaire
translated by Leonard Sugden
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In Little Red Berries, a poetic novel of dreams and interior drama, we meet Solange Therrien, an insecure college literature instructor. Set in Montreal on the verge of the new millennium, the reader meets a colourful cast of characters as Solange comes to terms with relationships past and present. Her family, her students, her lovers are portrayed with warmth and humour in this intelligent novel of the heart, from one of Quebec’s most esteemed authors. Solange’s trials while teaching a course in Quebec literature are the framework for her fears and recollections, and also offer the reader insight into the leading texts of Quebecois writing. An insightful commentary on the complexity of contemporary Quebec, Little Red Berries stirs the heart and nourishes the mind..

Quebec poet and novelistYolande Villemaire has published widely in various genres. Her novels Midnight Tides of Amsterdam and Poets & Centaurs, translated by Leonard Sugden, were previously published by Ekstasis Editions. Yolande Villemaire lives in Montreal, but has made extended visits to locations throughout the globe.

ISBN 978-1-894800-93-8
222 Pages
5 x 8
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