Yolande Villemaire
Translated by Leonard Sugden
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Midnight Tides of Amsterdam is an atmospheric novel by one of Quebec’s most important contemporary writers, Yolande Villemaire. It tells the story of Miliana Tremblay, a young woman who leaves her life and lover behind and travels to Europe, hoping to forget her past in the sights and sounds of ancient cities. Finding refuge in an artist’s studio, Miliana wanders along the canals and through the museums of Amsterdam, but cannot escape the memories and emotions which flood over her like the ebbing tide. This poetic narrative of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, evokes a European ambiance of light and longing... of passion which breaks the smooth surface with disturbing waves.

Yolande Villemaire is a prolific Quebecois poet and novleist who has published several books in various genres. Midnight Tides of Amsterdam is her eighth novel. Yolande Villemaire lives in Montreal, but has also enjoyed sojourns in various metropolises throughout the world

ISBN 1-894800-41-9
148 Pages
6 x 9
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