Nancy Mackenzie

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For some, the beauty of Juniper Glen Farm comes from the rolling hills on which broodmares and foals graze. For others, the spirit of the ranch is found in the thrum of hooves on the homestretch at the racetrack—but only when the horses are winning. Lineage, of course, matters. And Gran understands that there are horses that can make or break Juniper Glen’s success: an Irish thoroughbred colt named Kilfenora, for one. It’s just that her daughter, Mary, has a history of sacrificing anything to win.

Granddaughter Kathleen may be the only sensible soul who can balance the ranch’s odds on and off the track. Or would have, if Myles hadn’t galloped right at her heart. When Kathleen paints Myles, he takes on an otherworldly dimension, bringing her art to a fascinating new level. Meanwhile, her ex-fiancé wants both Kathleen and his prized Kilfenora back—and will cross the ocean to do so. Kathleen’s heart divides between family loyalties and personal integrity; between her mother and her gran; between two capable and vibrant horsemen. Nerve Line pulls taut at these imbalances.

A poetic and painterly view of the world of horse racing Alberta-style, Nerve Line includes a touch of true history, a dose of magic, and a palette full of surprises. It will settle you on your porch swing, then take you through the lush Irish countryside and out to the Rocky Mountains and ranchlands for a spell.

From the emerald green of Ireland to the stunning vistas of the Alberta foothills, Nerve Line follows the story of a family immersed in Thoroughbred racing. Nancy Mackenzie hits all the highs and lows of this fascinating industry.
~ Jean Kruse, Manager, Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, Alberta Division

Nancy Mackenzie is the author of several books of poetry and books for children. A dressage enthusiast and long-time fan of horseracing, Mackenzie lives in Edmonton, Alberta where she operates a professional writing service called Bronze Horse Communications. Communion, Mackenzie’s third book of poetry, was published by Ekstasis Editions in 2010.

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