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A seekers guide to contemporary Western Sufism through musical mediation and contemplative circle dance, New Sufi Songs and Dances is a manual for those wishing to experience meditative ecstacy though music and movement. Included with the songs are practices for healing, nature meditation, dervish whirling, chanting and prayer. Most are based on poems and prayers of the Indian mystic and musician Hazrat Inayat Khan, founder of the Sufi Movement and other Western ecumenical Sufi orders.

Carol Ann Sokoloff is a writer, editor and songwriter and performer. She is the author of Eternal Lake O'Hara, poetry and history of the Canadian Rockies; Colours Everywhere You Go, a picture book (Tineke Visser, illustration) for the kindergarten set and a forthcoming picture book, Anything You Want to Be, for children 6-9 years of age. As a freelance documentary producer for CBC radio, Carol received a Peabody Award for Educational radio from the University of Georgia for a five-part 'Schools radio' series, The Wonderful World of Science, broadcast over the CBC network. As a composer she has created theme songs for CBC radio, choral pieces, music for theatrical productions and the words and music to dozens of songs in the pop, children's and jazz genre. She currently performs as a vocalist with the jazz trio, Trio Espresso. She is also a performer and instructor of middle eastern belly dance and founder of the Oasis Dance studio and ensemble.


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