Yolande Villemaire
translated by Leonard Sugden
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In a sequel to her poetic novel Midnight Tides of Amsterdam, Yolande Villemaire revisits the character of artist Miliana Tremblay. Miliana has given birth to a daughter with her on-and-off-again lover, Dragan. We meet her at work in a studio in the Laurentians, co-parenting the infant Atalanti, and putting the finishing touches on a show of her paintings in Mexico. As we travel from Quebec, to Amsterdam to Mexico with Miliana, we share her interior journey through a period of transition that will allow her to make peace with her past. A novel of poetry and art, Poets and Centaurs is filled wih dreams and memories of travels, as Miliana explores the way to balance her roles of mother, lover and artist and to deal with painful aspects of her past.

Quebec poet and novelistYolande Villemaire has published widely in various genres. Her novel Midnight Tides of Amsterdam, translated by Leonard Sugden, was previously published by Ekstasis Editions. Yolande Villemaire lives in Montreal, but has made extended visits to locations throughout the globe.

ISBN 978-1-894800-84-6
131 Pages
5 x 8
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