Dvora Levin

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From the edges of the universe to the essential spark of being, Dvora Levin’s Ragged Light tracks human experience with penetrating insight and a wry wit. The poetry celebrates the raggedness of existence, reflecting the frayed quality of the refracted light by which we perceive life. Melding quantum physics and mystical awareness, Levin reminds us that we too are this same light. In seven sections, from Ragged Universe to Ragged Time, the reader journeys through light’s myriad, ragged forms – stars, relationships, spirit, places or people – all fractured events on a silent stage to which the voice offers praise while it may. Simultaneously humourous, conversational and intensely deep, the poems of Ragged Light are tattered prayer flags on an eternal clothesline.

Dvora Levin’s poems pulsate with light, reach into the crevasses and unlit places of the world and of ourselves. Here is a book for poetry lovers and those just coming into poetry, for light, she tells us, is not a metaphor. It is where we come from. Read this book and you’ll declare the same is true of poetry.
~ Pamela Porter, author of Cathedral and No Ordinary Place

Dvora Levin, a former project manager in B.C. and Israel, has now projected herself into poetry. She has published two books, Sharav and To Bite The Blue Apple (Ekstasis Editions) and edited two collections of poems from her writing groups: Voices From The Edge (Ekstasis Editions) and Victoria From The Banks Of The Mainstream.

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