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These lyric poems, like those in her previous books Private Eye and Undercover, catch the shadows of life with clear sighted focus and economy; she sees into the heart of things where she can catch the light.

As WestJet Airline's poet of the skies, Wendy Morton learned that poetry had a remarkable effect on people when she read them a poem seated beside them. There was an immediate connection. Later, with the help of DaimlerChrysler, she committed “random acts of poetry” in the Maritimes, stopping strangers going about their daily lives and reading them a poem. In 2004 she organized National Random Acts of Poetry week: 27 poets in 17 cities read poems to strangers and presented them with a book. Wendy Morton lives outside of Sooke on Vancouver Island and hosts the Mocambopo Reading Series in Victoria, BC. She works as a private investigator.

ISBN 1-894800-66-4
72 Pages
6 x 9
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