Dvora Levin

Shared Motion: Science and Sprituality

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This timely collection explores the complex relationship between science and spirituality. Many see science and religion in conflict, each determined to win. Others see them as two separate magisteria, answering different questions, while a few see them as elements of a unified whole. The poems in Shared Motion: Science and Spirituality will resonate especially with the growing number who identify as “spiritual but not religious”, as well as those studying the dynamic fields of quantum physics and cosmology, in their attempt to deepen their understanding of these evolving mysteries.

Einstein is famously quoted as saying “The eternal mysteriousness of the world is its comprehensibility. The fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle.” The mystery, however, is much more than that: at its very heart, the physical universe is surprisingly elegant and astonishingly beautiful in its manifest complexity and diversity, of which we ourselves are an example. Through her elegant poetry, Dvora Levin invites us to meditate upon this interconnectedness of all things and joyfully discover the mystery in the shadows.
~ Dr. Arif Babul, Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Dvora Levin’s poetry transcends boundaries. Her poetry invite us to dance with the mystical just beyond our grasp in the place where religion and science embrace. In these poems Dvora reminds us of the beauty and power of the oneness of being.
~ Rabbi Harry Brechner, Congregation Emanu-el

Once having been a Director for Social Change Projects in Victoria and Israel, Dvora Levin now devotes herself to poetry. She has published four collections of her own work: To Bite The Blue Apple, Sharav, Ragged Light (published by Ekstasis Editions) and a unique hand-bound book, Zeroing In On Nothing. Dvora also edited two poetry collections written by the homeless, sex workers and addicts in recovery: Voices From The Edge (Ekstasis Editions) and Victoria On The Banks Of The Mainstream (funded by the City). She continues to lead weekly poetry writing sessions with federal parolees living in a halfway house.

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