Károly Fellinger
translated by Elizabeth Csicery-Ronay

Sieve of Light in the Pine Forest

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The trees flowered in the garden,
Janos frisked about, heart beating,
touching with his index finger
—whether with the left or right, I don’t know—
the bare dessicated apricot tree
thus, turning on God’s photocopier.

Sieve of Light in the Pine Forest is Hungarian poet Károly Fellinger's second book of poetry in English.In language both sublime and earthy, there is a cosmological awareness that arises out of the mundane, an extraordinary moment expressed amidst the ordinary. In the lyric profusion of these newly translated poemscan be heard the sharp blasts of a mordant intellect, but not without the human notes of an infinite melancholy playing in the background. Karoly Fellinger’s work reveals a layered imagination that apprehends and measures our tarnished world in demotic language restores simplicty and bewilderment to our existence. Surreal, metaphysical, impressionistic and meditative, these poems are the product of a wandering,restless and moral mind, rendered with clarity and vividness in translation. In a powerful sequence of poems, from Eastern Europe, Karoly Fellinger expresses in raw organic language accompanied with penetrating insight, the decay of culture and the resurection of the human spirit.

Karoly Fellinger’s new poetry book Sieve of Light in the Pine Forest is an adventure in the realm of a wondering mind that commences its walkabout with the sentence God is certified absent an axiom that creates the first manifestation of doubt toward the established givens opposite the wandering mind of the poet who questions all contemporary caricatures. The poet exclaims Fate is an aquarium in the shape of fish, and declares his Death Rehearsal reflecting an acute existential wonder that leads him nowhere, as it always is the case in such quests. Yet the poet needs to wonder and he must reflect on these philosophical and existential issues, true characteristic of European poetry such as this man’s new book. Unlike the North American poets, European poetic works always question and underscore well know themes, important nonetheless, that seek answers regarding today’s human condition. Sieve of Light in the Pine Forest is an excellent read for everyone who seeks to delve into deep thought poetry.
~ Manolis Aligizakis

ISBN 978-1-77171-196-8
94 pages
6 x 9
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