Hidayat Inayat Khan Sufi Teachings
Lectures from Lake O'Hara
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Sufi Teachings delves deep into modern Western Sufi philosophy to chart a path for the seeker after Truth. Seldom has the seeker’s path been so accessible or clearly defined as in this collection of lectures gleaned from inspiring moments at an annual Sufi retreat high in the Canadian Rockies.

Hidayat Inayat Khan is the author of Sufi Teachings: Lectures from Lake O’Hara, The Inner School, and Reflections series. A composer and spiritual leader of the International Sufi Movement, founded by his father the Indian mystic and musician Inayat Khan, he has also released recordings of vocal and symphonic compositions, blending his Eastern and Western musical heritage. He lives in the Netherlands.

ISBN 0-921215-66-5
128 Pages
6 x 9
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