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ISBN 978-1-77171-170-8 Hotel Abundancia (fiction) 29.95
published 2016 480 pages

In Hotel Abundancia the death of a dear friend awakens in Sara an emptiness she can no longer ignore. An unexpected gift allows her a short reprieve from her impoverished life. She embarks upon on an epic journey of the heart.

ISBN 978-1-897430-18-7 Bear Me Stiffly Up & One-Man Hamlet (drama) 22.95
published 2011 122 pages

Kate is retreating into fantasy. Phillip is fantasizing retreat. And together they must trouble-shoot both a marriage and a five-month international tour of Phillip’s one-actor version of Hamlet. Ellen Arrand’s Bear Me Stiffly Up looks at the after effects of the thrilling closeness and dazzling disappointment of “almost famous” and the struggles of soldiering on in spite of it all.

ISBN 978-1-897430-18-7 The Trutch Street Women (drama) 19.95
published 2007 100 pages

The Trutch Street Women is a memory play and a coming of age story, evocative of a recent but distant time and place. Set in Victoria on a short, narrow street, heritage houses in need of repair and lined with trees, a group of women in search of inexpensive rent come together to share experience and a house.