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ISBN 0-921215-39-8 Avatars of the Moon (poetry) 10.00
published 1990 28 pages

The poems in Avatars of the Moon evoke the metaphysical moons that light our dreams at night, giving us fragmentary glimpses of those deeper selves that are invisible in the daylight.
Issued in a limited edition of 120 copies, signed and numbered by the author.

ISBN 0-921215-21-5 The Burning Chapel (fiction) 10.00
ISBN 0-921215-19-3 The Secret Garden (poetry) 10.00

ISBN 0-921215-31-2 The Walled Garden: A Fantasia (poetry) paper: 14.95
ISBN 0-921215-30-4 hard cover: 26.95
published 1992 120 pages

The Walled Garden is a work both imagistic and mythic, a unity of inner and outer worlds in verse and prose. At the centre of the book is Bullock’s method of transfiguring inanimate things into powerful symbols of consciousness.