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ISBN 1-894800-92-3 Face of a Gypsy (poetry) 17.95
published 2006 110 pages

Although her work is resurrectional, Eileen Curteis addresses with poignant clarity the fears and shadows of being human. In her accessible lyrical style, rich in visual imagery and photography, Eileen the poet, invites you to jump on her caravan and travel with her on a journey inward.

ISBN 1-896860-13-3 Moving On (poetry) 12.95
published 1997 96 pages

In Moving On simple sketches complement the graceful and humourous lyrical poems. Using frank and sometimes startling spiritual metaphors, these modern parables take the reader through confusion and pain to rebirth and healing.

ISBN 1-896860-43-5 Wind Daughter (poetry) 12.95
published 1998 102 pages

Wind Daughter is poetry for those frail lonely ones who look for the sun in the dark, and who find in the simple acts of daily life a glimpse of possible redemption.