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ISBN 978-1-77171-166-1 Parentheses (fiction) 24.95
published 2017 100 pages

Hailed by critics as a “first-rate short story writer” (Michel Lord, Lettres québécoises), Lise Gauvin explores ever-changing feelings in a world where the ease of travel contains its share of unpredictability and surprises. Each short story is a sequence snatched from passing life, a parenthesis excerpted from day-to-day existence examined with clinical precision.

ISBN 978-1-77171-095-4 Fugitives (fiction) 24.95
published 2015 105 pages

We live in a world of sensations and cursory thought, of appearances, clichés and empty gestures designed to make everything seem lighter, including love, suffering, and even death. The twenty stories gathered here portray an eminently contemporary world of meetings, travel, work, and intimacy, both sweet and intense, a world that reveals and conceals the fundamental issues of life.