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ISBN 978-1-77171-410-5 Candles in My Head (poetry) 24.95
published 2020 150 pages

‘Uninterrupted’ nature was once our home and identity, one that we looked to for meaning and solace, a world larger than ourselves – but lately we seem to have forgotten our place in the cosmos. These poems of warning evoke terror in recognition of what could be our future. Yet they are written out of love for what could be lost and they search for what may be wrong in ourselves.

ISBN 1-896860-83-4 Candles in My Head (poetry) 14.95
published 2001 82 pages

Candles in My Head rips the cover off a woman’s experience of family life to expose the turbulent undercurrents hidden beneath the placid family portrait. Here is a poet exploring daily life with a magnifying glass, revealing shades of what remains out of sight the way an ultrasound reveals what lies within.