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ISBN 0-921215-74-6 The Spell of the Chaste Tree (poetry) 12.95
published 1994 94 pages

In The Spell of the Chaste Tree Lala Heine-Koehn creates a lyrical work of remembrance and love for the people and places she has encountered in her travels and in her imagination. The poems offer the enchantment and romance of an ancient epic but are also as contemporary as a travel diary.

ISBN 1-896860-40-0 The Certain Days of Abstinence (poetry) 12.95
published 1998 72 pages

In The Certain Days of Abstinence the poet assumes the voice of a Japanese courtesan of the Tenth Century. While time and differences of culture separate the two writers, the matters of the heart which form their subject matter are eternal.

ISBN 978-1-897430-33-0 Seduction of the Written Word (poetry) 21.95
published 2008 115 pages

Arising out of the poet’s many journeys to Cuba for literary festivals, the poems in Seduction of the Written Word dazzle with Caribbean sun, but are universal in content and appeal. Anyone who has loved or longed for love will find beauty and solace in these delicate lyrics celebrating “someone I had not yet met.”

ISBN 978-1-897430-78-1 Touching Marble (poetry) 22.95
published 2011 115 pages

Sensuous, lyrical and voluptuous, the poems of Touching Marble animate the space between art and life. Lala Heine-Koehn breathes new insights into the workings of the imagination, the arousal of fear and desire, and the dangerously porous borderlines between the inanimate and the animate, the object and the subject, and finally, between death and life.