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ISBN 0-921215-15-0 Blind Beggar Poems (poetry) 6.95
published 1989 36 pages

In earlier centuries, blind beggar/priests would often wander from place to place with their instruments, singing and dancing as a religious vocation. The Blind Beggar Poems are brief and often funny offerings to the reader by Douglas Henderson, himself a Buddhist priest.

ISBN 0-921215-22-3 Buddhist Poems (poetry) 6.95

ISBN 0-921215-75-4 One Hundred Views of the Dharma Gate (poetry) 12.95
published 1994 88 pages

Poetic adaptions of poems by the 12th century Buddhist priest Jakuzen, One Hundred Views of the Dharma Gate presents with clarity and resonating humanism the multifoliate views of the heart on the path of the Dharma.