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ISBN 1-896860-23-0 A Mortar of Seeds (poetry) 12.95
published 1997 64 pages

Through the enduring alchemy of language A Mortar of Seeds presents poems that express loss and estrangement while sustaining a sense of affirmation and mystery. These poems are melancholy landscapes haunted by the dead, who find their way home now in the wind and the rain, and who inhabit every shadow.

ISBN 1-894800-04-4 A Further Exile (poetry) 14.95
published 2002 70 pages

A Further Exile contains meditations on the desolation of life after a loved one’s loss. Haunted by absence and feeling homeless even at home, the sleepless poet finds a profound beauty in bleak seasons and frustrated desire.

ISBN 1-894800-89-3 After the Ritual (poetry) 17.95
published 2006 64 pages

After the Ritual continues Tom Henihan's exploration of the landscapes of displacement and sorrow. The poet finds that when home is nowhere, home is the world that moves you as you move through it.