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ISBN 0-9691289-6-7 A Breath of Earth (poetry) 8.95
published 1986 74 pages

A Breath of Earth is an inspired breath of optimism, a song full of pain and love, joy and sorrow, raised against the difficulties of modern life. In a voice both lyrical and conversational Kerr maps the volatile landscape of the heart.

ISBN 0-921215-59-2 Dance in the Cage of My Bones (poetry) 12.95
published 1992 88 pages

Dance in the Cage of My Bones is an honest and moving account of Kerr’s experience of breast cancer and modified radical mastectomy. Everything in her life is altered, except perhaps the will to speak a still fierce involvement with the world through luminous lines of poetry.

ISBN 0-921215-40-1 Light of Mourning (poetry) 10.00