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ISBN 0-921215-98-3 The Inner School: Esoteric Sufi Teachings (spirituality) 14.95
published 1996 120 pages

An invaluable guide for any traveller on a spiritual path, The Inner School encapsulates the deepest teachings of contemporary Sufism. It represents an unprecedented publication of esoteric material available in the past only to initiates of Sufi spiritual orders.

ISBN 1-894800-01-X Reflections on the Art of Personality (metaphysics) 15.95
published 2002 64 pages

At the core of Reflections on the Art of Personality is the idea that it requires effort and thoughtfulness to forge character. These meditations offer practical suggestions on justice, charity and forming positive relationships with others that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily life.

ISBN 1-894800-44-3 Reflections on Philosophy, Psychology and Mysticism (spirituality) 15.95
published 2004 96 pages

Short meditations on philosophy, psychology and mysticism based on Sufi teachings and the writings of Inayat Khan, by his son the leader of the International Sufi movement. It is wisdom which respects all faiths.

ISBN 1-894800-58-7 Reflections on Inner Sufi Teachings (spirituality) 15.95
published 2006 120 pages

Short meditations on taking Sufi teachings into daily life, and the writings of Inayat Khan, by his son the leader of the International Sufi movement.

ISBN 1978-1-897430-14-9 Reflections on Spiritual Liberty (spirituality) 15.95
published 2007 120 pages

The fourth volume of Hidayat Inayat Khan’s Reflections series, Reflections on Spiritual Liberty presents distilled teachings on the unity of religious ideals, Divine guidance and the spiritual path

ISBN 0-921215-66-5 Sufi Teachings: Lectures from Lake O’Hara (spirituality) 14.95
published 1994 128 pages

Sufi Teachings delves deep into modern Western Sufi philosophy to chart a path for the seeker after Truth. Seldom has the seeker’s path been so accessible or clearly defined as in this collection of lectures gleaned from inspiring moments at an annual Sufi retreat high in the Canadian Rockies.