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ISBN 1-894800-78-8 After the Funeral (fiction) 21.95
published 2006 160 pages

In After the Funeral, a man wakes up beside the lifeless body of a stranger. He has no memory of his own identity or past. Has there been a murder and is he, in fact, the murderer? In this gripping first novel, Al MacLachlan probes the paranoia that leads to insanity, when everything familiar suddenly becomes strange.

ISBN 978-1-89743-65-1 Murmurs of the Dead (fiction) 24.95
published 2010 288 pages

Set in coastal British Columbia, Murmurs of the Dead explores a way of life that is slowly disappearing. The central characters are reporters who gradually become aware of the history of smuggling, the frontier justice, and marijuana grow-ops as they unearth stories from the town’s shady past. Central to the story are unsolved murders of drug dealers, and when the young journalists discover the cover-up it increasingly appears to be the work of vigilantes. But how many townspeople were involved, and how were the murders kept secret so long?