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ISBN 978-1-77171-432-7 Swamped (fiction) 25.95
published 2021 293 pages

This book is a compass that guides the reader through the vortex of life and the whims of the stock market. Eteo, the Greek-Canadian protagonist, sometimes drags us into the depths of the Stock Exchange where he catches its unseen secrets and sometimes returns us back, like a mysterious river the waters of which turn back to memories of his birth and childhood in Crete.

ISBN 978-1-77171-320-7 Red in Black (poetry) 24.95
published 2019 184 pages

Manolis’ vibrant and radiant poems are infused by a powerful yet subtle music that resonates with the reader who revels for the vitality of the sensuous motion of the language he uses to present images structured in a mixture of Mediterranean and Canadian formats.

ISBN 978-1-77171-283-5 The Quest (fiction) 25.95
published 2018 242 pages

The Quest is the story about a young boy’s dream of someday returning to his family’s home on the island of Crete. Determined, Pericles travels on foot, alone through the mountains. Eventually he arrives in Greece, but life there isn't what he expected.

ISBN 978-1-77171-217-0 The Medusa Glance (poetry) 24.95
published 2017 184 pages

The Medusa Glance is a present-day triptych, a rich and profoundly nuanced contemporary narrative, sensitive to all the immanent and minute shades of reality, aspiring to embrace and incorporate the whole spectrum of lived experience.

ISBN 978-1-77171-176-0 The Second Advent of Zeus (poetry) 23.95
published 2016 156 pages

In The Second Advent of Zeus, Manolis’ eloquence works its way throughout the book evoking the might of Zeus and that of all the Olympians to come and rescue the world from its self-destructive path. The poet navigates around today’s condition, especially that of Greece, and by floating at times on top of the ever-rough ocean of thought and at other times by sinking deep in the dark recesses of the inhumane behaviour of modern life he manages to maintain a clear vision of what a better world could be.

ISBN 978-1-77171-089-3 Images of Absence (poetry) 23.95
published 2015 160 pages

In Images of Absence the microcosm and the macrocosm both blend into the simple images of everyday life that become a mystery into which the poet delves with willingness and humbleness. Yet the poet is afraid that the mystery of these simple everyday images may be violated.

ISBN 978-1-77171-033-6 Autumn Leaves (poetry) 23.95
published 2014 188 pages

In the fervid expression of Autumn Leaves Manolis forges a cogent alloy of mind and heart, flesh and spirit. Manolis possesses a distinctly Mediterranean flavour, as would a poet schooled on Cavafy or Elytis: aromatic, tangy, like freshness of an olive grove in the morning. Originally written in Greek, Autumn Leaves is presented in an elegant en face edition.

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ISBN 978-1-897430-97-2 Übermensch (poetry) 23.95
published 2013 147 pages

In his latest book of poems, Manolis celebrates the “imperfect perfection of the imperfect chaos,” energetic and lucid philosophic meditations on the mysteries of being human. In Übermensch, with the Greek en face, the taste and texture of the language transforms the empyreal whose accents linger long in the vocabulary of the imagination.

ISBN 978-1-897430-81-1 Nostos and Algos (poetry) 22.95
published 2012 138 pages

In Nostos and Algos a mature poet tells a simple story, yet underlying it all is a tension formed by intense and captivating images. This collection, Manolis’s best so far, is full of the subtle and the unexpected — you are left to imagine what might occur. Presented with Greek en face.

ISBN 978-1-897430-69-9 Vernal Equinox (poetry) 21.95
published 2011 116 pages

In Vernal Equinox, his third volume of poetry from Ekstasis, the Greek emigre poet Manolis is at his most intimately eloquent and passionately exuberant. As with Ovid, as with Neruda, the quotidian and the ordinary is transcended by Eros. The poems in this volume are taut, lyrical and informed by a powerful and subtle music, infused by un-sentimental directness and sensual precision.

ISBN 978-1-897430-57-6 Triptych (poetry) 21.95
published 2010 114 pages

In his second book from Ekstasis, the Greek emigre poet Manolis switches effortlessly from the real to the dreamlike, the observed to the imagined, composing poetry that is both gentle and piercing.Triptych is a remarkable follow up to his previous volume Nuances, presenting poems that are seemingly simple but are truly beautiful and dislocating.

ISBN 978-1-897430-51-4 Nuances (poetry) 19.95
published 2009 116 pages

Nuances is a transformative and elegant book, featuring sure-handed lines and vivid images rendered with delicate clarity. Manolis, a prolific poet, possesses a distinctly Mediterranean flavour, as would a poet schooled on Cavafy or Elytis, aromatic, tangy, like freshness of an olive grove in the morning.