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ISBN 978-1-894800-94-5 Hierarchy of Loss (poetry) 18.95
published 2007 96 pages

A new collection of poems by Toronto multidisciplinary artist Steven McCabe, Hierarchy of Loss explores the concept of negative space. Wind, dreams, memory, mirrors, night, and touch – all link the poet with absence. Here is a cinematic landscape where words are erased because, ‘there’s too much moonlight on the page.’.

ISBN 1-894800-32-X Jawbone (poetry) 16.95
published 2005 86 pages

Steven McCabe's poetry crackles with an ever-modulating music of obsession, a constant flow of sudden maxims of revelation, radioed to us from the beyond of art, love and freedom. This is poetry that breathes the true spirit of the avant garde: joyous, exploratory, improvisational, full of pleasure and adventure, fantasy and insight.