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ISBN 1-896860-52-4 The Blue Parrot (fiction) 16.95
published 1999 138 pages

The Blue Parrot is a seedy bar in which no one cares who you are or where you’ve been, a bar without windows where the only way out is at the end of an empty shot glass. These are the tragic and funny stories of the regulars who inhabit that bar in the other Vancouver, the one with no hope and no exit.

!SBN 1-894800-28-1 The Flea Market (fiction) 19.95
published 2003 224 pages

Recently divorced, Eve has a glamourous job, the perfect apartment and well-connected friends––but can’t escape the emptiness of her contemporary Eden. Raunchy and ironic, The Flea Market exposes the vagaries of fashion and social values, with author John Moore’s characteristic wit and engaging dialogue.

ISBN 1-896860-87-7 Three of a Kind (fiction) 19.95
published 2001 278 pages

The three novellas that comprise Three of a Kind follow Jack Morrison at key moments of his life in the turbulent Sixties. Moore’s dark humour, sharp ear for vernacular and flair for dramatic plot twists brilliantly convey a young man’s initiation into life and love.