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ISBN 1-896860-91-5 Private Eye (poetry) 14.95
published 2001 64 pages

Private Eye draws upon the metaphor of the poet as private investigator to uncover a world of wonder hidden beneath the ordinary. The precise yet musical use of language brings to life a world of food, fantasy, family and friendship, while penetrating the shadows of loss.

ISBN 1-894800-66-4 Shadowcatcher (poetry) 16.95
published 2005 72 pages

These lyric poems, like those in her previous books Private Eye and Undercover, catch the shadows of life with clear sighted focus and economy; she sees into the heart of things where she can catch the light.

ISBN 1-894800-21-4 Undercover (poetry) 14.95
published 2003 70 pages

Undercover captures the common and uncommon events of daily life with clarity and effervesence. These are lyric poems that breathe, grieve, dance and sing – always addressing the joy that lies under the cover of everyday concerns.