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ISBN 978-1-897430-42-2 In Long, Secret Rivers (poetry) 21.95
published 2010 72 pages

In Long, Secret Rivers is a delightful and inspiring evocation of the imagination, a passage into the inner life of poetry that is refreshing and renewing. It both startles and seduces by the richness of its luxurious language. Enchanting, haunting, these rivers mingle water and blood, and teem with voices that murmur and sing of nature, love, death, rebirth, inner probings of the soul, the sensual discovery of others and a quest for all-embracing meaning. .

ISBN 978-1-897430-79-8 Of Amber Waters Woven / Tissée d’eau et d’ambre (poetry) 25.95
published 2012 262 pages

´╗┐Poetry in translation offers a passport into the imagination and in Of Amber Waters Woven / Tissée d’eau et d’ambre we enter the rich and evocative inner world of Annick Perrot-Bishop. This special bilingual edition presents for the first time two of the poet’s titles brilliantly translated by Neil Bishop with the original Francais en face.

ISBN 1-894800-61-3 Woman Arborescent (poetry) 17.95
published 2005 74 pages

In Woman Arborescent sensual, expressive images lead us into symbolic worlds rich with the pains and joys of being; there magic mingles with the voices of trees, water and wind.