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ISBN 978-1-77171-194-4 Pesence (poetry w/art) 53.95
published 2018 138 pages

In Presence artist, actor and poet Duncan Regehr combines works of art and literature to offer a comprehensive vision of expanded consciousness. Widely collected as a painter of depth and clarity, Regehr brings the artist’s eye to give voice to the moment of transformation in visionary poems which hint at the ineffable.

ISBN 978-1-897430-58-3 Scarecrow (poetry w/art) 24.95
published 2010 122 pages

In Scarecrow, a remarkable first book of poetry, artist, author and actor Duncan Regehr explores the metaphor of line – the line of verse, the line of the pencil, the lay lines of the land of the scarecrow's domain – in an artistic vision that is both penetrating and prophetic. From the ordinary to the surreal, Regehr's work invites the reader into an elemental universe where nature and culture are in constant interplay on a dancing gyre of shadow and truth.