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ISBN 978177171-233-0 Poems at My Doorstep (poetry) 23.95
published 2017 76 pages

In Poems at My Doorstep Punjabi-Canadian poet Ajmer Rode has written precise and exact poems attuned with a lyric and ecstatic energy. In these poems Rode has captured ephemeral moments in tranquility and grace, driven by a succinct and powerful spark that ignites all existence.

ISBN 978-1-77171-077-0 A Journey with the Endless Eye (history/art) 46.95 hardcover
ISBN 978-1-77171-078-7 A Journey with the Endless Eye (history/art) 34.95 paper
published 2014 62 pages

A Journey with the Endless Eye narrates the Komagata Maru tragedy in words and art. The incident continues to inspire efforts for a just society in Canada. It has become a symbol of struggle against injustice anywhere.