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ISBN 1-894800-67-2 Facing the Light (poetry) 19.95
published 2006 120 pages

Seeing the world as a journey from darkness to light, Robin Skelton brings us here, after a long, often halting journey through poetry, ritual, and magic, to a unified view of the world. In these last poems completed shortly before his death in 1997, he finishes the journey he had begun over seven decades earlier: he creates his birth.

ISBN 0-921215-63-0 Islands: Poems in the Traditional Forms of Japan (poetry) 14.95
published 1993 70 pages

In this collection of English poems in traditional Japanese verse, Skelton links Vancouver Island with the floating world of Japan. Experimenting in forms rarely if ever explored by Western poets, Skelton exhibits his virtuosity on every page.

ISBN 0-921215-90-8 Or So I Say: Contentions & Confessions: A Happenstance Book (poetry) 11.95
published 1995 96 pages

Or So I Say is a personal selection of aphorisms, sayings and witticisms gleaned from the poet’s notebooks. Take it with you wherever you go and open it at any page to gain an insight, ponder life’s mysteries and absurdities, or just for a momentary chuckle.

ISBN 0-921215-84-3 A Way of Walking (poetry) paper: 12.95
ISBN 0-921215-83-5 hard cover: 28.95
published 1994 80 pages

Perhaps his most personal collection, A Way of Walking is Robin Skelton’s second book to poems in traditional Japanese metre. Like most Japanese poetry, the poems are charged by sentiment and sensibility, an economy of statement and, at their centre, an affirmative expression of well-being.